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Getting here

Our unique accommodation experience is part of North Bundy Station. North Bundy is in Booroorban, in south-west NSW.

You can travel to North Bundy by air or by road.   
Before leaving, please contact Peter and Lisa (click here for contact info)

Travel by road

North Bundy is around an hour from Hay and just over an hour from Deniliquin. Our address is 2775 Booroorban-Tchelery Rd, Booroorban NSW. 


Driving tips:

  • Reception in the outback is limited, so please contact us before you leave town.

  • Google maps marks an incorrect location for our address (2775 Booroorban-Tchelery Road). But it has the right location if you search for directions to 'North Bundy'
    View in google maps

  • The turn-off to Booroorban-Tchelery Road is about 800m north of the Booroorban Hotel, on the Cobb Highway.

  • Please note that Glenhope Road (which is an alternate route via the Sturt Hwy) is a dirt road and is not suitable when wet.

  • Booroorban-Tchelery Road is a sealed, narrow road with regular livestock grids. There are no fences between the road and grazing livestock. Please drive carefully.

  • The turn-off into the property is toward the south and is marked by a small sign that says 'NORTH BUNDY'. The homestead and station stay are about 2km in from the main road, along an unsealed road.

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This map marks directions from the Booroorban Hotel:

Brendan Esposito-7_edited.jpg

North Bundy Airstrip


  • Permission required

  • Unsealed airstrip, unserviceable when wet

  • Nearest fuel: YHAY, YDLQ, YSWH

  • High voltage transmission line 150’ AGL running east-west 2 km north of strip.

  • Wildlife and livestock hazard exists


  • Elev 300

  • 34°54’ S 144°28’ E

  • 28NM 210° from YHAY

  • 46NM 318° from YDLQ

  • 54NM 047° from YSWH

  • FIA ML 118.6 CTAF 126.7

  • UHF channel: 28

North Bundy airstrip diagram
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